Friday, January 9, 2009

The day my life began...

TODAY...09 January 2009

The beginning of MY new life. I have been in the abyss of life for many years, wandering, wondering...WHY ???????

But a new day dawns; the sun shines upon me as if to say "Today is the beginning of your new life!"

And so it begins-scales, measuring tapes, numbers, love, support, encouragement--larger numbers at first--becoming smaller... until...

A new dawn breaks! It is the me I knew there was inside!!!

Ok, guys! This is going to be great! Is the above DRAMA or what????? Well you might as well have fun and be dramatic at the same time!!! I look forward to this journey and new way of life! It is my new "life plan" and I see that I will have a wonderful support team to help me along! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!